I met a really interesting artist yesterday, in his studio in Narbonne.  He’s in this neighborhood that’s an eclectic mix of modern, old, and very very old.  His studio has a stone arch in it that must date back at least 300 years;  if that were my studio I would just stare at that arch all the time.

the same, but different

Anyway this guy is a painter, and once we got talking he asked my other friend “Do you ever get that feeling like, why should I paint any more… there are thousands of paintings out there, millions, why should I keep producing these things” and my friend said, “no, not really” but I was thinking, whoh–I get that feeling sometimes!  It was a wee thrill for me that someone had the same moments of despair as I do about this work, the same questions.  Not because I wish despair on anyone, but because it made my questions somehow more valid.

This mostly made me realise I have to hang out with artists more… it’s a very solitary life and we need colleagues to bounce these kinds of things around with.  It is also incredibly inspiring to wander around in someone else’s workspace, and read their work in all the little things they surround themselves with.  We both have the skull of a wild boar, for example, tho mine has tusks.


I’ve been thinking about Sin a lot the past two or three years, as I’ve been working on a series of paintings about the 7 Deadlies.  More on those in a later post with some images.

Falling Angel, oil on linen ©

I don’t have a thing about angels, but I was painting this sky and there this little fat person appeared, and oh they’re falling, so I gave them one wing–possible happy ending, possible eternal damnation.


3 Responses to “colleagues”

  1. Am reminded of Graham Greene’s quote in answer to this artistic dilemma: “When we are not sure, we are alive.” (Read it in David Shields’ hotly debated book Reality Hunger, the chapter on doubt). I love the painting of the falling angel, and the whole look of the blog, lovely and enigmatic. I look forward to more posts!

  2. Hello! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter
    group? There’s a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your content. Please let me know. Cheers

    • dart said

      in what sense? what is your twitter group? my blog is out of date, I am working on other things. tell me. rad

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