desire path


path to a magic well, Cornwall

I was looking out at the garden yesterday, at the paths the dogs have made through the winter grass. Landscape architects call these “desire paths”; other people would call them short-cuts. Landscapers find that no matter where they place paths and walkways, people will always make their own based on the shortest trajectory or other factors.

I like to think about all the desire paths being made in defiance of the structures in place.


2 Responses to “desire path”

  1. sue said

    Reminds me of our discovery quite recemtly of a green woman lying deep in the undergrowth on the edge of just such a path in Cornwall. Can I add a photo,if not I will send you one. Pathways fascinate me also – I’ve always wanted to walk the length of the Ridgeway (possibly the most ancient pathway in Britain). Researching it recently I was astounded to discover references Grim’s Ditch(es)with photographs of ancient earthworks on the pathway. It was the name that pulled me up short – my mother’s maiden name!!

  2. dart said

    Oh please send a photo. I first saw this path about 15 years ago, it leads to a clearing full of “clouties”, or votives, hung on trees as wishes around the magic well. I made Jon take me back in ’05 and some creepy madman had tried to destroy the “pagan” site but it is coming back fast (if people are secure in their religious beliefs, why do they have to try and ruin everyone else’s?). Would love to do the Ridgeway too… sites like this are so brimming with telluric energy, for lack of a better term… all very electric and feminine.

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