invisible beauty


My lovely niece shared an article the other day from the UK’s Daily Telegraph about grains of sand.  A photographer has documented these amazing miniscule fragments that we see so often–we walk and lie on them, we run them through our fingers, we use them in our gardens, we shake them out of our shoes–all the while we don’t realise how utterly gorgeous they are, tiny documents of time and life.  I’ve nicked a couple of images to show what I’m talking about (below);  they are reminiscent of paintings I’ve done in my fossil series (though much more colourful), and when I saw these I was entranced and inspired.  I hope you are, too.

grains of sand


One Response to “invisible beauty”

  1. gigi said

    thankyou for this – beautiful writing and thought.
    like snowflakes, no two alike. in the literal sense of the word, ‘awesome’

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